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Pilates Exercises for Seniors


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all Pilates classes are now suspended until the crisis is over.

PILATES FOR SENIORS - Friday afternoon weekly - friendly & fun

PILATES exercises will help you move better, improve your balance by helping to explore the optimum range of movements of your body even if you have any health problems e.g. back, neck, arm, knee, hip, arthritis etc.. Our external qualified pilates Instructor, Paula Donovan specialises in Pilates for seniors and can adapt the exercises for the group and individuals: sitting in a chair or using the back of a chair for support or standing unaided, or floor mat exercises. The classes are friendly and held weekly each Friday at Waitrose, Rushden Community Room.

GROUP C starts at 1pm and finishes at 2pm: All FLOOR MAT EXERCISES: suitable if you have done mat exercises before or are comfortable to get down on the floor and can move your arms and legs easily to be able to carry out the exercises.

GROUP A starts at 2pm and finishes at 3pm: mixture of gentle sitting & standing exercises, no floor mat exercises - this class is suitable and beneficial if you have any health or joint problems.

GROUP B starts at 3.00pm and finishes at 4pm, exercises are free standing - this class is suitable if you are able to do the exercises free standing without needing a chair for support and balance and there is an option to do 5/10 minutes floor mat exercises to see if you like them.

At the Waitrose service desk, please sign into the Waitrose visitors book for fire regulation purposes, and enter your car registration number if you want to do some shopping or use the cafe etc, and exceed their 2.5 hours free parking; they will give you a Waitrose sticker for security, which must be displayed on your t-shirt as you will have to go through their stores area to get to the community room. There is no need to wait for anyone as once you have signed in you can proceed straight to the community room. Sign out when leaving the store.

Please let the Group Leader know in advance by text/phone/email if you will be unable to attend on any week so that we don't have to wait for you as we like to start the class on time. For more information or to join the group, please contact Sylvia Wright, Group Leader, via the Contact page.

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