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Higham and Rushden U3A AGM 2018

17th October

Save the Day


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There have been complaints that it is not easy to access the newsletter via the website, so we have prepared a step-by-step guide for those members who are having difficulty. The guide sets out in simple terms how to get to the newsletter page and open the actual newsletter, and in addition has details of how to create a shortcut to the newsletter page on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The guide can be found here, and is printable should you want a paper copy to keep. We are able to print off copies for members without access to a printer, but anyone requiring this service should bring a stamped self-addressed envelope (A5 paper size with a standard letter stamp or A4 size with a large letter stamp) to the monthly meeting. You should expect to receive the guide within 4 weeks, although it will normally be quicker.


LADIES DAY AT NEWMARKET ~ Thursday 12th July.

The coach will pick up at Higham Market Square at 10 am & Orbit Tyres in Rushden at 10:10.

We will be contacting you again at the beginning of July to confirm your choice of pick up location. Check the Newsletter for further details


We need more "meeters and greeters" for the monthly meetings. If you would like to help out in this role please get in touch with Lynn Gale (Groups Co-ordinator) via the Contact page or on her mobile phone (see Members page for details).

What is the University of the Third Age, or U3A as it is often known?

The University of the Third Age (U3A) movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its U3As, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery! Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.

Further brief details about the movement can be found here, or for the full story of the U3A movement's national organisation, the Third Age Trust, click here to open the national U3A homepage in another tab. For further details of the Higham and Rushden U3A, please carry on browsing this website. Membership application and renewal forms are among the many documents available on the Administration page (although you will need to scroll down the page).

The slideshow below, which you can pause by holding your cursor over one of the dots in the progress bar below it, is of local images.

Many of these pictures were taken from the internet, so we need input from members! Please send your local pictures to us via the blog page.

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Higham and Rushden U3A group news:

A NON FICTION BOOK GROUP has been formed by Linda and Chris Walker. Click here for more details.

DAYS OUT CAR SHARE has these proposed trips for 2018:

  • Mon 2/7/18, Wrest Park MK45 4HR. (English heritage members entrance free). Optional Archaeological store collection tour.
  • 30th July, Apethorpe Palace, PE8 5DJ.
  • Sun 19/8/18: Althorp morning visit with house tour. We have had a request to plan another visit, this time in the summer. Not sure how many would like to come, but we need 12 for a discount. I have 1 place in a car free for lift, and further offers of transport would be appreciated. (Price to be decided.See Althorp website for more details.) Please let Linda & Chris know ASAP if you are interested.

  • see the group page for further details of all our events.

All dates to be confirmed. More information on the Days Out table. Please come and tell us if these trips are of interest to you. If you need or can offer transport please contact Chris and Linda.

The HISTORY GROUP has already arranged its' trips to take place on the first Thursday of each month May to September inclusive this year. This notice is issued to avoid clashes with any other Interest Group which may be considering the same dates.

Chairman's monthly message for June

It was George Bernard Shaw who said that the “...United States and Great Britain were two countries separated by a common language”. I am pretty certain that nowadays the majority of people in the UK wish to distance themselves from the country that elected Donald Trump.

Whilst visiting my son in Texas I was able to get a feel for the country from the stories that appeared the newspapers... and was struck by the many similarities with the UK. There were articles about the rising price of “gasoline” – although if they knew how much we had to pay I think they might re-consider. On my return I had to fill up, which cost upwards of £65, something that cost only $25 a week before! However, a Californian friend did point out to me that with the large size of the country driving was a necessity not a luxury. There was a story about an orthodontist, who was facing six figure student debt and had little hope of meeting the interest payments, let alone the capital! And an article on cyber security mentioned the GDPR saying that something like that might be needed in the US sooner rather than later.

However, there were many editorials and feature articles decrying the “Trump approach”. Which seems to confirm that whilst Donald Trump may have gained the Presidency he did not win the popular vote.

The one thing that did not seem to be bothering US citizens was Brexit, although people were obviously interested. We were often asked about the decision, the process and what we thought of it. I avoided that question in case it strayed into territory better avoided – our (faint? foolish?) desire to strike lucrative trade deals or the announcement of tariffs on steel! Phil

Current weather for the Rushden and Higham Ferrers area.

National U3A news

Interested in a regional U3A Email newsletter as well as our own local one?

Visit u3a.org.uk/email and fill out your details for news, events and regional updates direct to your inbox: you will need to decide whether East Midlands or East of England is more appropriate.

Higham and Rushden U3A monthly meetings

Make sure you don't miss our interesting lectures on the third Wednesday of the month by making a note in your diary.
Meetings now start at 1.45 pm prompt at the Pemberton Centre, HE Bates Way, Rushden, NN10 9YP. Visitors are welcome at £3 per meeting for a maximum of 2 meetings.

At some point we will have to relocate our meetings to the Windmill Club, round the corner in Glassbrook Road (see the top of this page), although the date of our last meeting at the Pemberton Centre has not yet been agreed.

Information about public transport to the Pemberton Centre can be found here, and for the Windmill Club here.





__________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________
June 20th Pemberton Centre Life in War-torn Middle East Philip Caine
Philip is a published author, drawing upon his
experience whilst working in Iraq and other places.
July 18th Pemberton Centre Hunters of the sky Jennifer Anderson
A wonderful audio visual experience with
breathtaking photography of birds of prey.
August 15th Pemberton Centre From leeches to laxatives Tricia Thompson
Details to follow when available
September 19th Pemberton Centre The Little Book of Monarchs Tony Boullemeir
A wonderfully fascinating, amusing, and accurate guide
to English Monarchs.
October 17th Pemberton Centre Subject to be advised Leigh Bishop
Details to follow when available
November 21st Pemberton Centre A photography special Tom Way
Details to follow when available
December 12th Pemberton Centre The complete history of Christmas Mike Kennedy
N.B. Second
Mike is a colleague of Lesley whom you may remember
as Nell Gwynn, so expect something a little different.

Higham and Rushden U3A groups calendar

The calendar below is live and being continuously updated by group leaders.

To look at group activities further in advance, please use the scrollbar to the right of the calendar (if there is one) rather than the scrollbar on the right of the web page. If you are only interested in the activities of one particular group, you can select it from the dropdown list next to the word "Group".